A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You are a journalist investigating the seedy underbelly of Melbourne brunch culture. People need to know that avocado on toast is ruining our society!

Context: In Australia a recent article made waves by suggesting young people would be able to afford their own home if only they weren't wasting money on expensive brunch instead of eating at home.

Created for Wizard Jam 4, an Idle Thumbs Community Game, Nov 19-Dec 4 2016.

Note: While most wizard jam games are themed around Idle Thumbs episode titles, Wizard Jam 4 had looser rules, allowing a range of optional diversifiers in place of a required theme.

Diversifiers incorporated: Nice Segue, Box Art

Tools used: Unity3D + Fungus


AvoSmash_Win.zip 41 MB
AvoSmash_OSX.zip 44 MB
AvoSmash_Linux.zip 43 MB


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Much like a half order of well-prepared avo toast, this is satisfying while it lasts but ultimately I wish there was more.

That said, it looks really pretty and displays a whipsmart knowledge of smug Big Media doublespeak.  (Side note: with the halftone graphics and large text blocks, I don't see why this couldn't have been made using Twine instead, so it could be played within browsers.)

Anyway, 6.3 over 5 hand-filtered single-origin stars; would condescend to millennials again.